What is same day process service?

Do you have a subpoena or lawsuit papers that you need served today?  Hire a process server to provide same day process service.

Best Sacramento Process Server

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers legal documents letting people know they are involved in a court case.

What Papers Do You Serve?

Small claims papers, custody papers, eviction notices, divorce papers, restraining orders, court summons.

We Serve Registered Agents?

Cogency Global, CSC Lawyers, Paracorp, Corporation Service Company, Sundoc, Prentice Hall

What other services do you offer?

Private Investigation, Skip Trace Search, Find Someone’s Social Security Number, Facebook, Yelp

Types of Process Service

We offer several types of process service.

  • Routine Process Service
  • Next Day Process Service
  • Same Day Process Service

Owner spotlight

I have been providing public service for over thirty years. I am currently a private investigator, process server, and a real estate investor. I started my public service career over 30 years ago when I joined the military while still in high school. My career then progressed to law enforcement where I was a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department for over 10 years.

Customers say

Lance is the man do not look further! I can’t put in words how overwhelming it can get looking for a process server. There are so many of them. Lance got the job done on the 1st day. He is my superstar. He is very professional and knows his stuff. A weight is lifted of my shoulders. Thank you Lance so much. I will request his services again when I need to

Lance got the job done same day I contacted him! He called me minutes after I had messaged him on yelp. I gave him the details of what I needed done and asked if he can do it same day. He said yes! I texted him additional details and had him meet my friend for payment. He texted me when everything was done. I would definitely use his service again if needed.

How do i get started?

The process is easy? Follow directions below.

  • Email or fax documents with instructions
  • You will receive an email invoice for payment
  • Click the pay now button on the invoice
  • Pay for service with credit card online
  • We will provide 3 attempts to address provided
  • We will prepare a proof of service form

Locating a reputed process service agent is difficult. There are numerous companies that function in the community, but all of them are not high quality. Your quest becomes essential under such circumstances. If you are interested in the best process service agent out there, you ought to conduct a thorough research on the company before hiring them for the job. Follow this advice to consider when searching for the best process servers out there.

Sacramento Process server play a significant part in the court functions. In case you have filed a case against someone and you have to deliver the court summons to them who lives at this address, you are able to hire a process server to complete the job social security number lookup by cityfor you. You need to look for a reputed and experienced agent how to find out someones social security number on the market as if the documents usually are not sent to the defendant promptly, the court proceedings may not be able to get above the ground. That may be why should you hire the most effective process server agent available on the market for the job.

Look at the reputation, experience, qualifications, skills, and customer opinions in the potential candidate prior to hire them for the task. The web is a superb starting place your research when selecting the best candidate to do the job. There are numerous online review sites that you can to check on to gauge the feedback received from the process server. Ensure theprocess server Sacramento includes a host of positive reviews from most his clients. These are important things to consider when hiring the ideal process serving agent in the city.

To summarize, are you searching to find the best process service agent in town? You need to do the studies before selecting the right candidate to supply court summons for the defendant.